Enchanted April


“Beautiful and theatrically rewarding. From darkness to light, from inhibition to unrestrained joy … a comical, restorative journey of discovery.” —Variety

“As good as they come … a lush, thoroughly refreshing theatrical holiday. A magical triumph.” —Los Angeles Times

“Georgeous! ENCHANTED APRIL is the promise of a new tomorrow. Enchanting!” —Chicago Theater Beat

“As bright and exceptional as the title promises … an engaging look back, that at the same time feels remarkably contemporary and timeless.” —The Oakland Press

“ENCHANTED APRIL is that rarity: a play where every single element falls perfectly into place … a show that leaves you positively glowing.” —NYTheatre

“A flawlessly written, life-affirming comedy … heartwarmingly hilarious … charmingly witty … a total winner.” —Tolucan Times

“An outright enchantment … delightful, affecting, stunningly deft.” —SeattlePI

“A play filled with warmth and pervasive hope … romantic, charming, and gently poetic. Delightful.” —New York Daily News

“The true dance of life … thought provoking … enchanting.” —Ontario Arts Review

“Elegant … richly insightful … ENCHANTED APRIL glows with warmth and hope.” —Orange County Register

“A truly romantic and uplifting fairy tale … touches a chord deep in us that transcends time and place.” —Shalom Life

“The kind of play that reminds you of why you love theater.” —Hartford News

“Pitch-perfect storytelling.” —Dallas Observer

“Inspires and transforms the audience” —PhinneyWood

“A charming modern classic.” —South Sound Arts

“It’s a too-rare delight to see a play that takes its audience through a wide range of emotions, and then sends them on their way feeling happy. This is one of those occasions. One of the most thoroughly enjoyable theatrical experiences to come around in years.” —The Daily Breeze

“Exudes a kind of magic that makes you leave the theater in a glow of optimism.” —Charleston Post and Courier

“Contagious … Perhaps it’s time to take a trip to the theatre and see a story come to life in a way that a movie can only dream of.” —Seattle City Guide

“A winsome romantic comedy … Barber’s persuasive new adaptation proves to be an enchanting throwback to the Broadway of yesteryear.” —Newark Star-Ledger

“Such fun. Sweetly nostalgic … light, sprightly, and refreshing … a sparkling aperitif.” —Boston Globe

“Regardless of how world-weary you may be when you enter the theatre, this play surely will remove you from the present day.” —New Haven Register

“Artful and witty. Barber makes deft choices that play to theatre’s strengths. It’s hard to contest the point it is making: that magical rebirths are not only possible in life, but also necessary.” —BackStage

“Enchantment any wizard would envy and any theatergoer should welcome.” —Austin Chronicle

“A breath of fresh air … Matthew Barber’s sweet romantic comedy has charm as simple and pure as an unexpected rosebud in the dead of winter.” —San Jose Mercury News

“A gorgeously written enchantment … surprising, poignant, funny, and heartwarming.” —Theatre Bristol (UK)

“So warm, so charming, you leave the theater on a wave of joy.” —The Hamilton Spectator

“Delightful … an evening full of hope and joy … bellissimo!” —British Theatre Guide

“A beautifully crafted play with a poetically poignant script.” —The Stage (UK)

“A sharply observed and generous evening.” —Reviews Gate (UK)

“Absolutely enchanting.” —UK Theatre Network

“A celebration of life … an enchanted experience.” —Pacific Online

“As heartfelt as it is humorous … the next best thing to taking a holiday.” —Argus-Courier

“Utterly charming … brilliantly realized … lights up the stage.” —Hometown News

“As catching as spring fever … as delightful as the perfume of wisteria under the Tuscan sun.” —Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“A gentle wit and sharp insight that will kidnap you … a beautiful spring spell.” —Connecticut Post

“High-spirited comedy … witty, combative banter Neil Simon would envy.” —Press Democrat

“ENCHANTED APRIL is one of those rare and beautiful surprises. It sneaks up on you, grabs you by the lapels, and makes you smile, giggle, and laugh … a lot!” —Theater Colorado

“Remarkable … a joyous experience.” —Republican-American

“A must-see … splendid in every aspect.” —Newton Bee

“A brimming beaker of ambrosia.” —New York Times

“Prepare to be enchanted … the audience travels on a journey of self-discovery with laughter from the opening scene to the play’s final moments.” —Journal Media Group

“A sunny escape … you don’t simply watch Matthew Barber’s adaptation of Elizabeth von Arnim’s 1922 novel — you sink into it luxuriantly.” —Seattle Weekly

“Delightful … charmingly told … some enchanted evening of entertainment.” —Record-Journal

“Beautifully written … literate and poetic … a delightful surprise party of a show.” —Sonoma Bohemian

“Delightful … the audience roars with laughter throughout the play, and we are each left a little richer.” —Staying Focused

“Thoroughly enchanting.” —Henley Standard (UK)

“Hopeful and joyous … carries the wonderful message that anyone’s life can be transformed for the better.” —What’s On Stage (UK)

“A story of renewal … I would argue strenuously that this is one of the obligations of the theatre — to show us back to ourselves in a warmer light.” —Hartford Advocate

“Will warm the coldest bones with its charm and sweetness.” —Connecticut Herald

“ENCHANTED APRIL isn’t about running away from everyday life to someplace beautiful; it’s about awakening to the beauty that’s already around us.” —Naples Daily News

“Sparkling … a remarkably satisfying romantic farce.” —Contra-Costa Times

“Will warm the coldest bones with its charm and sweetness.” —Connecticut Herald

“A crowd-pleaser.” —Boston Chronicle

“A marvelous, magical experience.” —Rex Reed

“Delightful. The feel-good show of the season.” —Liz Smith

“Has audiences cheering.” —Associated Press

“APRIL blooms.” —USA Today

“Heaven on Broadway.” —Jeffrey Lyons

“The spirit of love reborn lingers long after the curtain comes down.” —Buffalo News

“A joy not to be missed.” —New Berkshire